PROPEL partners with Allegra Franco to help women become educators

Women have always been teachers!   It is the DNA makeup of women to nurture their families and communicate values to everyone in the household.     Our community prides itself on its connection to Jewish tradition evident in the Synagogue and in the home.    Upon arrival in this country, it was decided that an

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Sabrina Sabbagh

Meet Sabrina, a pastry chef in our community… Sabrina was overcome with emotion while being interviewed for this article. She recalled how as a child she was aware of her creative talents. She loved to decorate and bake. Sabrina’s experience in high school did not support her great talent and passion, and it was often

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Lives in the Balance, The Story of Sara Joseph

Lives in the Balance, The Stories of Women Brought to you by the PROPEL Team Long before there was Facebook, women supported one another by sharing their personal stories.  Much of the sharing focused on practical information familiar to each woman:  finding a husband, parenting suggestions, housekeeping shortcuts, beauty tips and recipe ideas. Women have functioned

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Face Your Fear and PROPEL it!

No good story ever begins-“When presented with a challenge….she caved.” What’s your challenge? Can I make a sustainable income?  How do I balance work & home?  Will I be able to get myself used to a new routine?  What if I can’t do it?  What if I have no marketable skills?  I’m afraid of change. 

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PROPEL Helps Women Plan for Success

PROPEL is an organization dedicated to helping the women of our Community discover a profession, enroll in a certification course, and cover the cost of tuition to generate higher income. Who is the PROPEL woman? “She may never have worked a day in her life, she may be stuck in a dead-end job with no

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Top 7 Certification Careers for Women

There’s good news for the many talented community women who dream of stepping beyond their comfort zone to launch a career that will give a boost of self esteem and increase your earning potential. These women have always been under the impression that the only way to attain financial success would be to graduate college

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Do What You Love For Those That You Love

Propel is here to help community women discover a profession, cover the cost of tuition and enroll in certification programs. Propel is also a support system, a self-esteem booster, and a place to find a passion that you never knew existed. The women who walk through the doors of Propel come from all walks of

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PROPEL Hosts Graduation Ceremony & Young Working Couples Events

If you haven’t already heard, PROPEL is an organization dedicated to helping the women of our community discover a profession, enroll in certification courses, and cover the cost of tuition to generate higher income. After a busy month of holidays, PROPEL welcomed the New Year by proudly celebrating its first graduating ceremony. The beautiful event

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