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Propel Financial Agreement

In order to maximize the resources that Propel Network Inc. can devote toward assisting you and other Career Candidates, please indicate below which situation applies best to you:

I request the services of Propel Network, Inc. to help me achieve my goals, and

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Pay it Forward!

Propel Network, Inc. is here to help you. Part of that process is to encourage you to help uplift others to follow your lead. We therefore ask that after you have been employed for three months, you make a voluntary contribution to Propel Network, Inc. in order to assist other Career Candidates. We suggest a donation of up to 5% of your first year’s salary and beyond, and that you give of your time as a volunteer whenever possible. Equally important is that you to act as an Ambassador of Propel Network, and spread the word about the positive effect Propel has had on you.

Together we can help other women achieve their goals. Thank you!

I have read the above and chosen a financial option that best describes my current financial
situation and I agree to consider a voluntary contribution to Propel Network, Inc.

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Signed by Viviane Darwish
Signed On: May 29, 2019

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