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Discover the PRO in you

Discover the PRO in you

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Propel invests in Community women to help them discover their passion, profession, and earning potential.

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Call Propel to make an appointment to meet with a Certified Life & Career Coach

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Work with your Coach to discover the right career path and Certification course for you

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Complete your training to earn more money

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PROPEL partners with Allegra Franco to help women become educators

Women have always been teachers!   It is the DNA makeup of women to nurture their families and communicate values to everyone in the household.     Our community prides itself on its connection to Jewish tradition evident in the Synagogue and in the home.    Upon arrival in this country, it was decided that an

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Joyce Salame Leadership Fund
Sharyn Ashkenazi Empowerment Fund

Barbara Dabah School of Technology
Jody Ben Haim School of Design
Sharon and Nellie Haddad School of Wellness
Rachel Sutton School of Real Estate
Amy Haber A”H School of Education

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